Beginnings & Landscapes

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While trying to decide a suitable name for this blog, I discovered that all word combinations I came up with had a reference to landscape somewhere in the title. I was rather tickled by this and recognise my constant attraction to all things topographical.  As I start out on this blog, I am living beside Phoenix Park – what some claim as “the largest city park in the world“. This vast area of greenness fills my heart, my mind and my soul – it brings a balance to my little world that few other locations can offer. This parkland speaks to me of my childhood in rural Ireland, it delights in marking the changes of the seasons and it encourages me to leave the city behind for a couple of hours each week.

Cityscape, green space and topography are all threads that unite much of my thinking, work and active life to date and I feel it deserves a mention as I set out to write a blog on my studies in Creative Digital Media.  For previous work from my time as an architect, please visit my portfolio blog at

For a deeper insight into my thoughts on landscape and design, you can read a copy of my architectural thesis below:


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