Virtual Machines, OS X & Sketch

screenshot-2016-11-06-17-54-03 screenshot-2016-11-06-18-06-36 screenshot-2016-11-06-18-07-46

I am amazed that I have come this far in life without ever having used an Apple computer. Well that has all changed now but alas I am currenty not in a position to purchase, loan or even have a timeshare in a macbook at the moment!!! What I really need is a workaround which the internet gladly shared with me.

Hooray for the virtual machine!! I have spent a productive part of my reading week following the instruction’s on Martijn Schoenmaker‘s blog entry titled “How I started Using Sketch App in Windows” which provided all the information I needed to get set up OS X on my acer laptop. Once I had it up and running, I was then able to install the Sketch app which was the easy bit. While there is no guarantee that this solution works for everyone and granted my laptop is straining under the weight of OS X, it is an affordable way into the world of Apple and apple only programs for those of us on a shoestring.

Freshly installed, I have taken a quick break to pen this article before beginning at the basics in Sketch. I have heard and seen great results from this app so I am super excited to see what I can achieve once I get stuck in. Wish me luck!



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