My Design in Print!

As a member of the committee organising Gloria’s 21st Gala Dinner, I was thrilled to be asked to do the illustration work for the social media and print campaigns promoting the event to date. We have put loads of images up on facebook, twitter and instagram, but to see my work in print has been the biggest delight of all. I just had to share it here to mark the occasion. As much as I love the digital sphere, you just can’t beat the look and feel of a physical paper artefact in your hands. Bliss. And a little bit of pride too.


Gala Invites

Once in awhile I get to do something for a friend that doesn’t involve grading or college deadlines. I sing as part of Gloria, Dublin’s Lesbian and Gay Choir who turns 21 in 2017. To celebrate, we are holding a Gala Dinner in March and as part of the subcommittee I gave myself the job of putting together the A4 invite we are publishing to advertise the event at our Christmas concert on Decemeber 16th (today).

The invitation had to be formatted for several print and online versions which gave me a great excuse to get my hands dirty with illustrator again! I am finally getting to grips with what this software can do and man is it aweseome. Check out my invite below – hope you like it.

St Patrick's Leaflet_A4

Virtual Machines, OS X & Sketch

screenshot-2016-11-06-17-54-03 screenshot-2016-11-06-18-06-36 screenshot-2016-11-06-18-07-46

I am amazed that I have come this far in life without ever having used an Apple computer. Well that has all changed now but alas I am currenty not in a position to purchase, loan or even have a timeshare in a macbook at the moment!!! What I really need is a workaround which the internet gladly shared with me.

Hooray for the virtual machine!! I have spent a productive part of my reading week following the instruction’s on Martijn Schoenmaker‘s blog entry titled “How I started Using Sketch App in Windows” which provided all the information I needed to get set up OS X on my acer laptop. Once I had it up and running, I was then able to install the Sketch app which was the easy bit. While there is no guarantee that this solution works for everyone and granted my laptop is straining under the weight of OS X, it is an affordable way into the world of Apple and apple only programs for those of us on a shoestring.

Freshly installed, I have taken a quick break to pen this article before beginning at the basics in Sketch. I have heard and seen great results from this app so I am super excited to see what I can achieve once I get stuck in. Wish me luck!


Work & End User Feedback

I’ve just been offered a part time role with Carphone Warehouse as a Sales Consultant which feels like the biggest boon to me right now, both in terms of my studies and my potential for personal progression.


As part of my interview for the role, I made it clear that this position is ideal for me in terms of on the ground user feedback across the mobile and app markets. And I stand firm in that belief. There is so much to learn from the consumer in a face to face setting that will be invaluable as my career in digital media progresses. I feel a strong pull towards UX Design roles and longterm I can see myself being fulfilled in such a position. But right now, this is a great role for on-the-ground UX research.

It also really really helps that this role is funding my studies and keeping the wolf from the door

Gloria Graphics

As a member of Gloria DLGC, I was approached and asked to produce a series of invites to be printed to promote the choir’s Gala Dinner which marks their 21st year. Speaking with the committee about their hopes, desires and budget for the occasion, I realised that nobody could decide exactly what they wanted until they saw some early drafts based around their initial ideas. Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I very quickly put together 5 proofs for committee review and feedback before taking the design further. I submitted the drafts to the committee today so for the moment all I have to do is wait…

classic_blue classic_gold rainbow_contemporary rainbow_twee background