beardFIX© – the app and website

What a busy Summer it has been! Our app is on target to be released on the Apple App Store this coming December. We are super excited to see the app finally coming together at last!

We have spent the past couple of months getting our teeth into ionic, angular and firebase and we have an app at last that is 95% fully functioning from end to end. It will be ready for user testing at the end of the week.


Once our user testing starts so can the fun part – the UI design that will fully bring to life our UX desires. We have just secured some real estate online at – please pop over for a quick visit. At the moment we have only a landing page to whet your appetitie but there’s loads more going on in the background in the meantime so stay tuned for more updates. It is a mobile first design so if you’re out and about your mobile device will ready it without any problems.

We are super super busy at the moment so it may be a while before I update this blog again. Keep an eye out on for more news and follow us on our more regularly updated instagram account here.

Ciao for now 🙂


Gala Invites

Once in awhile I get to do something for a friend that doesn’t involve grading or college deadlines. I sing as part of Gloria, Dublin’s Lesbian and Gay Choir who turns 21 in 2017. To celebrate, we are holding a Gala Dinner in March and as part of the subcommittee I gave myself the job of putting together the A4 invite we are publishing to advertise the event at our Christmas concert on Decemeber 16th (today).

The invitation had to be formatted for several print and online versions which gave me a great excuse to get my hands dirty with illustrator again! I am finally getting to grips with what this software can do and man is it aweseome. Check out my invite below – hope you like it.

St Patrick's Leaflet_A4

Work & End User Feedback

I’ve just been offered a part time role with Carphone Warehouse as a Sales Consultant which feels like the biggest boon to me right now, both in terms of my studies and my potential for personal progression.


As part of my interview for the role, I made it clear that this position is ideal for me in terms of on the ground user feedback across the mobile and app markets. And I stand firm in that belief. There is so much to learn from the consumer in a face to face setting that will be invaluable as my career in digital media progresses. I feel a strong pull towards UX Design roles and longterm I can see myself being fulfilled in such a position. But right now, this is a great role for on-the-ground UX research.

It also really really helps that this role is funding my studies and keeping the wolf from the door

Beginnings & Landscapes

C:UsersBrendanDesktop4_4th Year1D Abbey1_Cad1_Active

While trying to decide a suitable name for this blog, I discovered that all word combinations I came up with had a reference to landscape somewhere in the title. I was rather tickled by this and recognise my constant attraction to all things topographical.  As I start out on this blog, I am living beside Phoenix Park – what some claim as “the largest city park in the world“. This vast area of greenness fills my heart, my mind and my soul – it brings a balance to my little world that few other locations can offer. This parkland speaks to me of my childhood in rural Ireland, it delights in marking the changes of the seasons and it encourages me to leave the city behind for a couple of hours each week.

Cityscape, green space and topography are all threads that unite much of my thinking, work and active life to date and I feel it deserves a mention as I set out to write a blog on my studies in Creative Digital Media.  For previous work from my time as an architect, please visit my portfolio blog at

For a deeper insight into my thoughts on landscape and design, you can read a copy of my architectural thesis below: