My Design in Print!

As a member of the committee organising Gloria’s 21st Gala Dinner, I was thrilled to be asked to do the illustration work for the social media and print campaignsĀ promoting the event to date. We have put loads of images up on facebook, twitter and instagram, but to see my work in printĀ has been the biggest delight of all. I just had to share it here to mark the occasion. As much as I love the digital sphere, you just can’t beat the look and feel of a physical paper artefactĀ in your hands. Bliss. And a little bit of pride too.


Gloria Graphics

As a member of Gloria DLGC, I was approached and asked toĀ produceĀ a series of invites to be printed to promote the choir’s Gala Dinner whichĀ marks their 21st year. Speaking with the committee about their hopes, desires and budget for the occasion, I realised that nobody could decide exactly what they wanted until they saw some early drafts based around their initial ideas. Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I very quickly put together 5 proofs for committee review and feedback before taking the design further. I submitted the drafts to the committee today so for the moment all I have to do is wait…

classic_blue classic_gold rainbow_contemporary rainbow_twee background